Southern Polytechnic State University Meeting of the School of Arts and Sciences

August 14, 2006


The School of Arts and Sciences welcomed new faculty members.  These new faculty members included Peter Sakaris, William Griffiths, Laura Ritter, Nicolae Pascu, Marianne Holdzkom, Mark Nunes, Ann Parker, Beth Farber, and Iraj Omidvar.  The School of Arts and Sciences (A&S) nominated and elected three of its members to serve on peer committees to the three other schools at SPSU.  Russ Patrick will serve on the ETM committee, Steve Edwards on CSE and Betty Oliver on ACC.


Dean Gabrielli made a series of announcements.  He highlighted the new faculty members hired, and the general increases in student enrollment.  Dean Gabrielli also lauded the recent approval of new degrees and concentrations in the School and encouraged continued work on other degrees under development.  Summer enrollment brought in approximately $300,000 in revenue. Funding for faculty travel and equity adjustments will benefit from the increase in revenue.


According to Dean Garbrielli, all faculty members at SPSU must submit midterm grades for all students by October 3.  The faculty expressed concern that this measure may the opposite effect intended and cause students to drop the course.  The A&S faculty passed a motion strongly requesting the availability of satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades for the midterm postings.        


The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences passed a motion call for a resolution to be presented to the VPAA.  The text of the resolution is as follows.


The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences wishes to express its great concern over decisions affecting the faculty that have been made with little faculty involvement.  Recent examples include last spring's Dean's Council decision to require midterm grades, this summer's decision to use GoalQuest advising software, this summer's decision to revise the T1/T2/T3 faculty activity categories, and the drafting of a revision to that policy.


Old Business

In order to have immediate faculty input on pressing issues, Dean Gabrielli called for the creation of a small committee of faculty members to serve as advisors.  The A&S faculty passed a motion stating that Faculty Senators from each department will constitute this advisory committee.


New Business

Dean Gabrielli informed the faculty on proposed changes to the T1, T2, and T3 teaching designations. The Dean also informed the A&S faculty of the request by the SPSU librarians to be considered as member of the A&S faculty for promotion and tenure questions.  The Faculty Senate will consider this request.