Meeting of the School of Arts and Sciences                        February 14, 2008


The meeting opened with discussion and recommendations for changes to the School's mission statement and bylaws. 


Revised drafts of the mission statement and bylaws presented to the faculty by the Executive and Bylaws Committee were approved in conjunction with additional approved amendments proposed by specific faculty as listed below.


In the mission statement:


1.  Dr. Nuhfer-Halten proposed that "Languages" replace "Spanish."


2.  Dr. Oliver proposed adding "Arts."


3.  Dr. Newell proposed that "Biological sciences" needs to be "Biological Sciences" and that "schools within the SPSU community" needs to be "Schools within the SPSU community" in the mission statement.  Additionally, Dr. Newell brought to attention that the second paragraph in the mission statement consists of a single sentence.


In the bylaws:


1.  Dr. Newell proposed that capitalization and use of white space should be consistent throughout the document.


2.  Dr. Newell proposed that wherever specified in the bylaws that documents copies of minutes, etc. be kept in the School office, it should also read "and posted on the School web site"


3.  Dr. Fowler proposed changes in the wording in the second paragraph under II.  School, so that it matches the mission statement.


4.  Dr. Newell proposed that in the second paragraph under section IV. Department Chairs, "program areas" as it appears in the first sentence be amended to read "and oversight of program areas and grade appeals."


5.  Dr. Newell proposed that under section V. Faculty, B. Faculty Meetings, second paragraph, the penultimate word should be "any" rather than "the."



The Dean's Comments


      Dean Gabrielli asked the Faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences if the School should develop our own specific policies and guidelines for noteworthy performance.  The consensus opinion of the faculty was that the School is not the appropriate level for the development of specific criteria of noteworthiness.

      Following a request from the faculty, the Dean agreed to determine an appropriate method for posting samples materials from previous promotion and tenure packages to help establish guidelines for successful and unsuccessful approaches for documenting and demonstrating noteworthiness.


      Dean Gabrielli also shared with the faculty the positive news about new majors added to the School and the continued increase in the percentage of A&S majors in relations to overall undergraduate enrollment. 


Additional Announcements:


      Dr. Julie Newels made some general announcements and asked that the work of the Executive and Bylaws Committee be recognized.


      Dr. Mark Stevens asked that volunteers for the speech tournament hosted by SPSU on Saturday (February 16) be recognized.


      Dean Gabrielli reminded faculty that we would be nominating and electing new officers for A&S toward the end of the spring term.


The A&S meeting adjourned at 12:55PM.