A & S Department Chairs Meeting

October 4, 2007


Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Julie Newell, Andrew McMorran, Mark Nunes, Philip Patterson and Donna Zeigler


1.     Departmental Updates


                  Department is discussing the B.A. in Math transferring into Education in Math degree. Statewide, few of these degrees are awarded each year. The department wants to keep the B.S. degree as is. The math department picnic will be October 20, 2007. The math colloquia will begin on October 12, 2007. The STEM initiative proposal will be put forward.



                  The SIS departmental retreat was very successful. They made much progress on SACS documentation. They are implementing teaching required major classes on an every other semester rotation. Electives will still be taught every other year. They are considering a written policy to outline priorities for to summer teaching. The faculty would like 8 week and 5 week classes. They want Sociology added to the catalog - this item passed the UCC today. The Interface Lectures are coming up soon. Julie is contacting the Cobb County schools science teachers to let them know about the lectures.



                  The spring schedule is in the system. On November the 12, 2007 SPSU will be the site of the Polar Palooza presentation hosted by Fernbank Science Center. This presentation features tales of adventure and science told by a charismatic group of five polar researchers and an Alaskan Native Phil has sent out invitations to Cobb County schools and Marietta city schools. Phil has a meeting set up with CS about the Bioinformatics class. SACS preparations are moving along very well, they are using the BCP version of  the FCAR.



                  Mark is still working on the spring schedule. Masters in Professional Science preliminary agenda is finished. They had the third talk of the colloquium series today and they had a very good turn out from the other departments. Mark passed out handouts about area C. He felt these would be very useful for advising.


2.     Faculty Searches

Zvi will talk with Dr. Rossbacher  on October 5, 2007 about going forward with faculty searches. Alan feels that all of the positions he is asking for are all highly justified. The major factor they are dealing with is the uncertainty of the budget. Alan reminded everyone that all ads have to be sent to Zvi for approval.


3.     Updates on ongoing initiatives

a.     Education- The meeting with Kennesaw about the Education Degrees went very well. The first step now is to form a Steering Committee. Alan has asked Mike Murphy to sit on this committee and he has agreed to do so. We will have to hire at least 2 Education faculty members. As many Education classes as possible will be offered here on our campus. The Math Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education, and Physics Education degrees would be from SPSU. The certification for these degrees would come from KSU. Some of the recommendations about the Steering Committee are listed below.

1.     Steering Committee should have heavy representation from the areas of Arts and Sciences.

2.     Should include someone with expertise on teachers certification.

3.     Someone with an Education degree and also experience in teaching K-12.

4.     We need to get an agreement on paper with Kennesaw before Frank Butler leaves that university. He is only there for this academic year.

5.     We need a biology person. Alan Gabrielli will represent the Chemistry area. Julie Newell or LaJuana Cochrane will represent the SIS department.  Mark said he would see if he has anyone with K-12 experience. Alan asked about Cassandra Race and Mark said that was ok with him.

6.     Mike Murphy has agreed to sit on this committee and Alan said he will invite someone from the other 2 schools.

7.     Alan will try to have this committee in place by next week.

8.     The curriculum will be modeled after the KSU Chemistry Degree.


b.     Engineering – These programs are growing fast. Three more Engineering Program proposals in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical are being submitted to the Board of Regents. These programs will be offered at night. The plan for the organization of Engineering is having a Division of Engineering with a director and faculty. The Engineering Technology departments will remain in place. The school headed by Dr. Jeffery Ray will still be Engineering Technology and Management. 


c.     Regional Partnerships- These are outreach programs. Mostly ET programs with a few 2+2 programs. Some of the partners that were discussed included West Georgia, Atlanta Metro, and Coosa Valley Tech.



d.     PSM Degrees- Professional Science Masters Degree. Julie would like to see an SIS course in this degree. Alan said if someone in the Math or BCP department would like to champion a proposal he would be behind them 100%.

PMA Degrees- Professional Masters of Arts Degree. Non STEM area degree with significant areas of SIS and ETCMA.


4.     New Business

Math- The Student Assistant and Graduate Assistant money is not showing on the budget. Donna will look into this matter.

SIS-  Possibility of a Political Science Degree. The SIS faculty are very interested in this degree.


The meeting was adjourned.