School of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair Meeting

September 29, 2006


Noon -1:00pm



Those in Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Phil Patterson, and Laina Pond.


  1. Department Updates
    1. BCP Department

                                                               i.      The department recently discussed reorganization, and the department is content with the current organization.

                                                             ii.      The 'Value your Degree with SPSU' session will begin soon, the sessions will inform students on opportunities available for BCP graduates. Alan suggested announcing the sessions campus wide.

    1. ETCMA

                                                               i.      Mark announced his concern for NENU student English proficiency and asked for suggestions on ways of addressing this problem.

                                                             ii.      Mark plans to discuss the philosophical issues of plagiarism with ETCMA students.

                                                            iii.      The curriculum committee has proposed to split the World Literature class into two separate courses, one course would cover World Literature up to the Renaissance period, and the other course will begin with the Renaissance period through present time.

                                                           iv.      The department is developing more courses that are appropriate for the BA in English, by cross-listing them.

                                                             v.      Memorial options for Ken Rainey were discussed, including a lecture hall.

                                                           vi.      Mark announced that Donna McPherson will be leaving the office, she is transferring to the Records Office.

                                                          vii.      The Content Design concentration proposal has been submitted to Zvi.

    1. Math

                                                               i.      The Annual Math picnic will be held on November 4th. Former and present faculty, Staff, and Students are invited.

                                                             ii.      Alan and Andy discussed ways to keep up with Alumni.

                                                            iii.      Andy announced that the math majors now have assigned advisors, classroom visits have been scheduled and training for new tenure-track faculty has begun.

                                                           iv.      Agenda items for the next Math Department meeting include discussing new capstone courses and discussing advisement issues.

    1. SIS

                                                               i.      Julie mentioned several advisement problems that the SIS Department are experiencing, one of which is the Georgia History and Constitution requirement. Students will now have the option of taking a 1 credit-hour Georgia History course or passing an examination ($50 fee), to meet the requirement.

                                                             ii.      The Contribute web design workshop didn't go as planned, however, faculty are still interested.

                                                            iii.      Alan and Julie discussed the new Area E Policy. The new Area E Policy will cap the number of Area E courses that transfer students are required to take, at no more than 15-credit hours. An e-mail will be sent out soon, providing the details.

  1. Agenda Item #1. Alan updates everyone on the progress of reversing the new FedEx/UPS rule. Alan asks that Department Chairs report any lengthy deliveries from Central Receiving. Alan and Phil discussed the new policy in detail.
  2. Agenda Item #2. Alan reminds everyone that Master Schedules are past due and should be sent to Zvi immediately.
  3. Agenda Item # 3. Block scheduling will continue for the Mechanical and Architecture departments, they'll contact individual departments for space reservations. Alan, Andy, Mark, and Julie discuss the block scheduling details.
  4. Agenda Item #4. Alan gives a timeline for the Pre- and Post Tenure packets and reappointment packets. Department Chair Recommendations are due to the School Committee by October 9th. Department Chair Recommendations and the Department Committee Recommendations should be submitted to Alan by December 9th.  A few people serving on the Department Committee and School Committee are up for Post-Tenure review this year, Alan suggested possible solutions for solving this problem. First-year Re-appointments are due around the 15th of January, however, SIRS Reports may not be back in time for the deadline. Second year Reappointment Recommendations are due by October 15th. All other re-appointments are due in July. Alan suggests that departments assemble peer committees during the spring semester, as it may be difficult to do so in the summer semester.
  5. Agenda Item #5. Alan asked that all Department Chairs attend the Campus Plan Presentation, to be held on Thursday, October 5th. Suggestions and critiques will be accepted during the presentation. Alan and Phil discussed the status of the Portal Project. Alan and Julie discussed the Master Plan and the changes that will need to be made to accommodate students. Alan reminded everyone of the equipment request deadline of October 9th, after which he will create a prioritized lists and submit the list to Zvi. Meeting was adjourned and the next Department Chair meeting will be on Oct. 12th.