Department Chair Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2003
Room E 183 - 3:00-4:00 PM


Travel: Gabrielli has been updating travel procedures and will send out a revised document to the department chairs for input. Additionally, he has created a new page in each department's Excel budget spreadsheet that will give them access to detailed travel information on their faculty.

Department and School Resource Action Plans: Gabrielli asked the chairs to review their resource action plans to identify the items that could be accomplished this year without additional funding. He spoke briefly on the state of the University's budget.

A&S Ad Hoc Faculty Teaching Assessment Committee: This committee's task is to come up with additional method(s) of measuring teaching excellence (in addition to SIRs and classroom observations) to assist the department chairs with annual evaluations and other performance reviews of their faculty. Presently, all Arts & Sciences departments have at least one committee member; two departments have two representatives therefore it was suggested that additional members be added where needed to create equal representation among the departments.

Supervision of Adjunct Faculty: Gabrielli is working to establish guidelines for recruiting, supervising and evaluating adjunct faculty across the Arts & Sciences departments.

Budget: Gabrielli spoke briefly about the need for finding a way to distribute the academic affairs budget among the departments based on actual needs rather than historical precedent. He asked the chairs to submit to him categories of real needs to include supplies and equipment as well as students assistants needed to operate their departments efficiently.