School of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair Meeting

August 24, 2006


11am - Noon





  1. Promotion and Tenure
  2. SPSU Master Facilities Plan
  3. Fall Enrollment
  4. P&P 304.0


  1. Alan began the meeting by confirming future meeting days and times as every 2nd and 4th Thursday, at 11am. As needed, the alternative meeting day will be Fridays.
  2. Alan introduced the first Agenda item and distributed copies of the P&T Eligibility List and the SIRS Summary form (available on-line), asking that Department Chairs remind and encourage eligible faculty to make preparations to submit P&T documents. Alan began reviewing the P&T deadline dates, and mentioned that we're making good progress with the exception of selecting an ACC Peer Committee member for A&S. Continuing with the deadline dates, Alan explained that the P&T packets are due on Monday, August 28th, but the deadline is somewhat flexible. However, the submission deadline to the VPAA is final. Department Chairs should provide copies of P&T packets to the Peer Committee. Alan, Julie and Mark discussed what is expected for the Summary of Past Evaluations. Alan was not sure of the format for the Summary of Past Evaluations, and will look into it. Completed packets should be given to Alan by October 9th. The packets will then go to the School Peer Committee, Alan, the VPAA, and then to the President for recommendation decisions. After reviewing the cover letter guidelines, Alan recommended that Department Chair's go through the P&T packets and make sure everything is inline with regulations. He also mentioned that Ken Rainey had summarized all of the information from Dr. Rossbacher's P&T letters. This information may be useful to candidates in preparing their packages and is available online. Alan also highlighted the importance of Department Chairs ensuring that all candidate packets are reviewed by two external reviewers. These reviewers should be selected and contacted by the Department Chairs. Alan noted that it is important that faculty demonstrate noteworthy teaching, through Peer observation. Phil and Alan discussed including external letters in the P&T packet.
  3. Alan moved on to the next Agenda item, the SPSU Master Facilities Plan, in which he is a member of the extended team. Alan noted that we are already ahead one year in projected enrollment. The teams will look at space usage, enrollment projections, new property, dorm space and food services. Alan asked that all Department Chairs look at page 10 of the handout, and provide feedback on what the plan should accomplish and how these accomplishments could be measured.
  4. Alan moved on to the issue of Fall enrollment. Enrollment was at around 4300 students, as of August 23rd. Alan explained that the increase of freshman enrollment reflected many returning freshman that are taking advantage of the new Academic Forgiveness rule. Alan asked for thoughts on retaining these students and what we can expect in future semesters. Mark anticipated an increase in Withdrawal rates, and suggested that we be pro-active with the Student Engagement policy. Phil mentioned that he has become more available to his students, providing special assistance to African-American male students, pushing tutorial programs and advising more extensively; as a result of the high failure rate in his classes. Phil warned about students slipping into Physics courses without meeting the prerequisites. Alan and Julie discussed advising issues, and a study that showed the correlation between success in Math and success in the University.
  5. Alan reminded everyone of the Last day of class policy, that prevents faculty from administering an exam worth more than 15% of a students final grade, during the last two days of class. Alan will work with Steve and Zvi to bring the policy up-to-date. Alan and Phil discussed holding a department open house event for students (as was done last year) - this may be discussed at the next ALC meeting. Alan, Julie and Mark discussed meetings which Department Chairs should attend and the posting of Department Meeting minutes. Phil announced that he plans to visit some schools to promote the BCP programs that are offered. Julie, Mark and Phil discussed Joint Enrollment programs. Alan announced that we will open future Department Chair meetings with news from the departments.