A & S Department Chairs Meeting

August 7, 2008


Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell, Philip Patterson and Daneir Pitts


1.         Departmental Updates


Two new History Lecturers positions were filled by already existing employees (Will Skutans & Roger Soiset).  There is no new Psychology candidate the search is still open and Engineering & Industrial Psychology qualified teachers are needed.



Two new Tenure Track positions have been filled (Sarah Holiday & Jennifer).  Math is happy to report that ALL electives are going to run this Fall, however, 1 or 2 part timers will be needed to assist.  There will be no STEM Tutoring Center Coordinator in place on August 18th.  The Center is not yet ready so other space will need to be used for Math tutoring.

Andrew asked about the STEM Education Program, Alan said he will update when it is his turn to speak.



There are two new hires: Physics Lecturer (Eric Smith-M.A. in Astronomy) and Biology Lab Manager (Veronica Allen).

FYI on changes in Regents Tests:  All incoming Freshman will be scheduled to take the Regents exam.  Anyone who is not exempt or has not passed the Regents exam will take it every semester until they pass.  Not taking the exam will count as a Fail, if failed twice they will be required to attend a workshop in the ATTIC-(remediation).



Two new Tenure Track positions have been filled (Laura Palmer-Information Design, and Jim Werner-Media Arts). Jeff Greene is a new Full Time Temporary Instructor. Werner will be instrumental in implementing student based activities, a possible Media Arts club and Media Object Production.

The Media Arts Center (MAC) is up and running. 

There will be approximately 20 NENU students starting this fall, 3 in ECTMA and 17 in Computer Science.



2.         Enrollment and Registration

So far we are 2 weeks ahead of last year in terms of number of enrolled students.  Steve Hamrick is predicting possibly 4,700 students for this Fall.  According to WEB Reports last Fall (2007) there were 4, 431 students enrolled, so we will see probably a 5% overall increase consisting for more transfer and returning students as opposed to High School graduates.


3.         First Year Theme

Zvi would like to go ahead with the First Year Experience Program.  It was decided that each school would take a turn coming up with the theme.  Arts & Sciences has the opportunity to be the first School to pick the topic.  Four possible topics are:

1.     Sustainability

2.     Technology & Society

3.     Globalization

4.     Internet Society


The selection of one of these themes will be opened up for discussion at the next Arts & Sciences meeting on Tuesday (August 12, 2008)


4.         Budget Issues

The State budget is not good.  The State of Georgia has proposed budget cuts of up to 10%, which will mean up to 2.4 million in cuts for SPSU.

Among items to be cut are Equipment and unfilled positions.  However, searches for critical positions will go forward, including Psychology, and Chemistry, and possibly Geography.  Although a cut in the travel budget has been suggested there is reluctance to do that.


5.         Other

            Tech Fee

            Status of Tech fee approved: 3 for ETCMA, and 1 for SIS


            Honorable Degree Committee

One member from each school is required to sit on the Honorable Degree Committee.


Tutoring Center:

The plans for the Tutoring Center are moving very slow.  All the physical work is done and we are awaiting furniture. All equipment has been ordered, yet it will not have a copier until someone is in there full time.



STEM Education Initiative

There is a new Dean of Education at KSU-Arlinda Eaton.  Alan met with her and members of her staff on Tuesday (KSU Science and Math Dean Larry Peterson and Assoc. Dean Adrian Epps were also present).  In the past the Interim Dean (Frank Butler) had been very supportive of the STEM Education Initiative, however, the project is currently on hold.  There is still no signed Memorandum of Understanding, and a request to investigate a model put into place by North Georgia C&SU was suggested.  Alan will meet with Zvi this afternoon in regards to this and an update will be given at next weeks School meeting.



Processes are in place and everyone should be able to streamline the steps.  Remember to look at assessment and implementation.


Academic Plan

A draft of the academic plan has been sent to the chairs, and will be distributed to the general faculty early in the semester.  This is just a rough draft, and global picture feedback is welcomed.  Pass along to Alan or send suggestions directly to Zvi.  The Academic plan will eventually be presented to entire faculty


The meeting was adjourned at 1:12 pm.