A & S Department Chairs Meeting

June 6, 2007



Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Julie Newell, Andrew McMorran, Mark Nunes,

Philip Patterson, and Donna Zeigler.



  1. Departmental Updates


All faculty searches are complete. They are waiting on final paperwork for the new physicist. The search for a new secretary is moving along, Phil is checking references on a couple of people then he is ready to make a decision.



The lecturer search is done.  The Math department will be offering a 7 week college algebra class June 25 - Aug. 10. Incoming students have been notified of this new offering. This should help the Architecture students that are required to have a C or better in College Algebra. The air conditioning remains to be a problem in D building. The math department currently is offering Friday afternoon  and evening classes, this is becoming a problem since the AC is shut off at noon.


The history search is complete, and Julie is waiting on acceptance letter for the geography position. Searches for a history lecturer and a psychology position will commence in the fall.  SIS will be implementing a new Language and Learning lab to replace the old Foreign Language Lab. They plan to put a connecting door between that lab and the Social Sciences Lab.



According to Linda  Sun and Rich Bennett, they should be receiving 12 new students from Northeast Normal University (NENU, in Changchun, China) this fall. They should arrive August 1, 2007 to participate in a new Language Camp that will allow an emersion into the English language as well as cultural transition before the start of Fall semester. There will also be a new Technical Writing lab in J-213.



  1. Summer Enrollment

Enrollment is up 2% over last year. Alan passed out a copy of web report WSFR1700 (Closed Courses with Registration Attempts Never Fulfilled),  a list of students that have tried to register for classes, but for one reason or another were unable to register. Alan felt this could be used as a tool to gauge how many sections should be offered and possibly the times they should be offered as well.



       5- Week Classes


The STS 5-week sessions filled. The language, political science, and history sections did not. Roughly half of them were cancelled, and the other half were offered at very low enrollments.. She also brought it to Alan's attention that Georgia Highlands is offering History and Political Science classes here on our campus this semester. This means we are competing against them for students.   Julie said she felt our summer classes were not advertised very well.



Andrew stated that both of his 5-week sections are filled. He felt that these classes may not have filled up if he had offered additional 10 week sections.



The 10 week section of 1102 was the only one cancelled. Both of the 5 week sections are full.


  1. Summer Pay

Alan stated that faculty working in summer get paid in 2 installments; one at the end June and the second one at the end of July. Alan said that 19 is considered a full class for calculating summer pay.  For faculty teaching more than one class, a low enrollment class can be offset by a weighted class average of 23.  (note: these figures refer to undergraduate classes) Julie said she felt that the policy pertaining to summer pay should be posted where everyone could have access to it. Mark Nunes brought up the fact that adjunct pay for summer should be the baseline pay for fulltime professors teaching in the summer. He felt that it wasn't fair that an adjunct professor could make more money that a full-time person teaching in the summer.  Alan noted that normally a class with enrollment that low would be cancelled.


4. Acting Dean

Alan will be away from campus from June 27 thru July 26, 2007.

The schedules for Acting Dean are as follows:

a.      Dr. Philip Patterson- June 28 thru July 6

b.     Dr. Mark Nunes- July 9 thru July 13

c.      Dr. Andrew McMorran- July 16 thru July 20

d.     Dr. Julie Newell- July 23 thru July 25


Vacations for Department Chairs

a.      Julie gone from June 26 to July 18

b.     Mark gone from June 18 to July 9 ( Mark Stevens will be Acting Chair )

c.      Andrew gone June 29 to July 4

d.     Phil gone probably the week of July 16th.

e.      Donna will be out from June 23 to June 30th

  1. Summer Orientations  (Kasey Helton is now in charge of the Orientations )

Wed- Thurs. June 20-21

Wed- Thurs. July 18-19

Tues.- Wed Aug 7-8

       Transfer or Late Admittance Orientations Check-in 9:30 AM

                      Session T-1 June 25

                      Session T-2 June 25

                      Session T-3 July 30

                      Session T-4 July 30   3:30 PM

                      Session G-1 August 16

                      Session G2- August 16  3:30 PM

  1. New Business
    1. July Reappointment Packages need to be to Alan no later than June 25, 2007.
    2. Scholarship and Consulting when dealing with Promotion and Tenure.

Alan stated that for Consulting to be considered Scholarship it must meet

the following criteria:

1.     It must be original

2.     It must be upheld to external scrutiny

3.     It must be shared with outside sources

The question came up that Consulting rarely is shared with an external audience other than the person that is paying for the service. Alan stated he felt this should be handled on a case by case basis. Julie said she felt that the person using this in their packet should be very explicit as to how this meets the Scholarship criteria.

  1. Commencement 

All departments had graduates and most of them walked at commencement. We also had our first B.A. in English graduate.


  1. Fall Kick Off

Need to have an A&S School meeting early in the week.  One agenda item will be to select individuals for peer committees.  Any other agenda items please let Alan know as early as possible.  Julie said we need a schedule for Fall Kick Off Week.