A & S Department Chairs Meeting

March 20, 2008


Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell,

Philip Patterson and Donna Zeigler


1.     Departmental Updates


The Search Committee will be giving a short list of candidates to Dr. McMorran later today. At the last departmental meeting they discussed a form that would be given out to all Math majors to see how they are doing on advising. This form should be ready soon. Alan asked Andrew to forward a copy to Mark, Julie and Phil so they could use it as a guide to make one for their departments.



The department is looking at the fall schedule to offer some upper level courses every year, instead of every other year. This will make a shift in some workloads.

Julie would like SIS major concentrations to show on transcripts. Also, the SIS department would like to have concentrations that qualify as minors listed as minors on the transcripts. The question becomes what to do with the concentrations that do not qualify as minors? They would probably have to stay concentrations. Alan said that when he was checking the minors in the catalog he found several mistakes.


Psychology Search is going well. They have already interviewed one candidate and the next one will be interviewed on Thursday March 27, 2008. The third candidate asked to be removed from the pool.  The History Lecturer Search is going well also, the committee has sent a short list to Zvi and are waiting for approval to start the interviews.



The BCP department is working with local grade schools on an Outreach Program that is designed to have college students act as mentors and tutors in the classroom. Approximately 20 students are working at Marietta 6th Grade Academy.  They walk around in the classroom and students with questions.  There are also 8 students working with Belmont Hills Elementary School.  Phil and the student workers went over to help teach geometric shapes. While they were there some students asked about hybrid cars. Phil had the teacher pull up several websites on the smart board that had very good information on this subject. The students were very excited and they had a lot of  questions. Mountain View Elementary had a career day and had Phil and some SPSU students come to talk about different  careers in the science field.  Phil said we are becoming a resource for these schools to reach out to for help in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math.

Physics Lecturer search is going well. They are making a short list to submit to Zvi. He has also agreed to a search for a Biology Lab technician.



Mark Nunes is out of town this update was given by Alan Gabrielli.

The updates on the searches are as follows:

1. Information Architecture Assistant Professor- (Replacement for Professor Michele Shauf) An offer has been made to Laura Palmer and she has accepted the position.

2. Media Arts Assistant Professor- A recommendation has been sent to Zvi.

3. Professional Writing Assistant Professor- an offer has been made to a candidate.

4. English Lecturer- No interviews yet.


2.     Update on budget

Large purchases, such as equipment, computers and furniture, will need a memo outlining the critical need for these items. This will be sent to Zvi for his approval.  Once you have the signed copy from Zvi you may purchase the items; attach a copy of the signed memo to your order. Day-to-day purchases, such as paperclips, paper, general office supplies, do not need approval. Faculty travel is requires prior approval. These restrictions only apply to state appropriated money. Lab Fee, Tech Fee, and grant money is not affected.


3.     Annual Evaluations

Faculty- Department Chairs should already have these packets. By the end of March the chairs should have already looked at these packets and have completed the individual evaluations.

Chairs – Alan needs the Department Chairs packets as soon as possible. He will set up individual meetings with the chairs starting the beginning of  April.


4.     End of Year Money

We don't know yet if Governor Purdue will be asking for us to return any of this year's budget. The senior staff are looking at budgets to see where the money could come from if we are asked to return a percentage. If they don't ask for money back we should have quite a bit of EOY money. Alan would like for the departments to make wish lists now to alleviate the rush at the end of the year to spend the funds.


5.     Other

Tech Fee- There are several questions about tech fees that need to be resolved. The turn-around time for a proposal is very long. Most requested items are time sensitive for certain classes. Often the department purchases what they need out of OS&E money when it is needed for an upcoming course. Alan has raised the issues of the flaws with the system at several meetings in the past with no answers.


Acting Dean- Alan will be out Friday and Monday. He has appointed  Phil Patterson as Acting Dean on Friday the 21st and Julie Newell will be the Acting Dean on Monday the 24th. Alan will also be gone to China from April 5th thru the 13th he will appoint someone as Acting Dean before he leaves on his trip.


Storm Warnings- Phil asked if we could have some kind of warning system that would alert us when there is threatening weather. Phil and Julie each related issues with recent severe weather situations, including a weekend event with visiting Boy Scouts.


Safety Committee for A & S- Julie would like to know when they are going to meet. Alan said he will send out a notice.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:50am.