Department Chair Meeting Minutes
Date: January 27, 2005
Room:J 307 10:00-11:20 AM


Gabrielli began today's meeting with information comparing SPSU's retention ranking with other public and private colleges and universities in the state. Seventh from the bottom, SPSU has a 22.3% retention rate. He explained how this calculation was achieved and went over several web reports relating to retention in various categories. This retention rate is not for the most current year so our rate may actually be a bit higher. Gabrielli talked about the importance of advising and how it can be useful for retention purposes and stated that overall Arts & Sciences is doing very well. Each department chair shared their department's advising policy.

Deans Council Update: Some topics discussed at the latest meeting were

Miscellaneous: Department Chairs shared announcements and/or concerns which included:

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.