Department Chair Meeting Minutes
Date: January 13, 2005
Room:J 307 10:00-11:20 AM



The School of Arts & Sciences is slightly behind the University in enrollment numbers (when measured as percentage of class openings filled). A&S is at 85.8% capacity and the University as a whole is at 86.5%. Overall enrollment is up from last year but down from last semester.
(Note: A&S enrolled 44.9% of total enrolled credit hours in SP05, down 0.6 percent from F04 but up 2.4% from SP04.)

Budget Issues:

Deans Council Update: Current discussions in the Deans Council meetings include:

Expanded Cabinet:

Summer Schedules: The deadline for imputing the summer schedule is January 28. The guidelines haven't been finalized regarding summer pay and the use of part-time faculty. Gabrielli discouraged the chairs from offering traditionally low-enrollment courses.

Outcomes and Assessment: Departmental outcomes and objectives for each of their programs are due to Alan as soon as possible.

Evaluations: There are no changes in the procedures department chairs will use to evaluate faculty. Evaluations are due to be completed in March.

Retention: Despite a history of low retention among freshmen and sophomores, this semester the University has a higher retention rate in those two categories.

Marietta City Schools: The University has received a grant to host a two-week summer institute in July to train Marietta Middle School teachers in science, math, and technology areas. Faculty will be needed to help with this project.

Cobb Magnet Internships: Magnet schools require their seniors to take a one-semester internship. Gabrielli asked for suggestions on how we could place some of those students on our campus. Internships could be needed in science, fine arts, pre-professional, and science and technology.

Gabrielli asked for agenda items for the next A&S meeting to be scheduled soon.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.