School of Arts and Sciences

Department Chair Meeting

Friday, January 12, 2007

2pm - 3pm


Those in Attendance: Alan Gabrielli, Andrew McMorran, Julie Newell, Mark Nunes, Phil Patterson and Laina Pond.


1. Department updates

2. Finalize one-on-one schedules for Spring 2007

3. Faculty and Department Chair Evaluations

4. New business


1. Updates from the Departments:

a.    BCP - Enrollment is up and most courses are full, there may be a few students added into courses next week, one additional Organic Chemistry course was added recently. Learning Outcomes have been completed and posted to the web. There have been approximately thirty applicants for the physics faculty position and around fifteen for the Biology position.

b.   ETCMA - In addition to the faculty search posting in The Chronicle, Mark placed an announcement for the open ETCMA faculty positions through MLA . He suggests that we consider evaluating the faculty search timeline for future searches, in order to strengthen the applicant pool. Most ETCMA courses are full, with two additional sections of Engl 1102 added and many literature sections added. Betty Davis-Robinson was hired as a one-semester lecturer to replace Dick.

c.    SIS - All learning outcomes are complete and available on the web. Enrollment for Spring Semester doesn't follow the trend of the previous semesters, but Alan and Julie believe this will be worked out in the next few semesters.

d.   Math - There are fifteen applicants for the Math lecturer position. The ads placed for the position did not include the requirements for residency. so a number of the applicants are unqualified due to residency requirements.


2. Weekly One-on-one Department Chair meetings with Alan are as follows:

a.    Phil will meet on Tuesdays at 11am.

b.   Mondays at 10am, Mark will meet with Alan.

c.    Julie will meet on Mondays at 11am.

d.   Andy will meet with Alan on Tuesdays at 10am.

3. Alan went over the Faculty Evaluation Process, passing out the Evaluation of Faculty Outline and noted the major changes (forms reflecting the recent changes are available at Alan noted that the Faculty Evaluations do not include Temporary Faculty, the evaluation packets should include the new Faculty Expectation Form as well as the form for the previous year, and that the packet can include additional assessments. Faculty should submit the following to Department Chairs by Monday, March 12th: Faculty Status & Activity Report, Teaching Assessment Form and SIRS Reports. Department Chairs are to have copies of the completed and signed Faculty Evaluations distributed by Friday, April 6th. Alan, Julie Mark and Phil discussed the breakdown of area weights for Faculty Evaluations and their concerns with the flexible definition between Professional Growth & Development and Scholarship. Everyone agreed with the table of weights for areas to be evaluated.

4. Alan explained what the Department Chairs will be graded on, and passed out copies of the Department Chair Job Description along with the Data Collection Protocol for Administrative Evaluation. The Department Chair Evaluations will follow a process similar to that of the Faculty Evaluations; same deadlines and information. Alan will receive feedback from the faculty and will then meet with Department Chairs.

5. Department Chair meetings for Spring Semester will be held on Fridays at 1pm.