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Architecture students published in magazine

Architecture students published in magazine

TrimTab article

Trim Tab, a quarterly publication of the nonprofit organization International Living Future Institute, published an article in its Spring 2012 issue written by students in SPSU Prof. Ed Akins’ third-year architecture class.

Trim Tab invited the students to submit an article describing their participation last fall in the 2011 Living Aleutian Home Design Competition. The piece is entitled “Living, Learning, Building and Sharing (One Petal at a Time).” To read the article, go to Trim Tab magazine.

Assistant professor and environmental technologies coordinator Akins presented the Aleutian Home Design Competition’s Living Building Challenge to his class as an option for the lab portion of the course, and students were excited and enthusiastic to get involved.

The students’ main design priority was to provide energy-efficient protection from the environment, while incorporating traditional home design elements. Their building was partially underground to take advantage of the natural insulating properties of soil and incorporated a greenhouse to create sunspace and add to the insulation of the interior.

A poster on the team's competition entry was displayed with 14 other entries at the 2012 Living Future Institute, a forum for leading minds in the green building movement, in Portland, Or., in early May.