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MS Architecture Program Objectives

Practitioners in design, engineering, engineering technology and social sciences will continually need to advance in design technologies and interactive communications that are becoming more commonplace in integrated practice and the global workplace. Meanwhile, the basic skills and knowledge obtained by holders of the professional degrees of architecture will remain essential in the design marketplace. The advanced skills held by graduates of our current NAAB accredited Bachelor of Architecture program, and graduates from other SPSU quality educational offerings are held in high demand. The M.S. in Architecture Program marshals knowledge and skills of the faculty to address more in-depth aspects of rapidly proliferating specialty areas in the multi-disciplinary profession of architecture. This growth is consistent with changing paradigms of practice in the design and construction community, a major sector of state, national and global economies. Future professionals will need the education offered by the SPSU M.S. in Architecture Program to be fully competitive in the world.

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