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SPSU Comprehensive Design Studio

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Comprehensive Design Studio
4th Year Comprehensive Design Studio - Spring 2011

Professors:  C. Richard Cole (Coordinator, Ed Akins, Saleh Uddin, Kemp Mooney

The following is general background information setting forth the parameters of the Comprehensive Design Studio for projects of Spring Semester 2011.

Spring Semester of 4th Year Studio is designated as the Comprehensive Design Studio and is subsequently charged with providing evidence for the NAAB Visiting Team that the SPSU architecture program is fulfilling the “Ability” performance category of the 2009 Conditions for Accreditation (page 23 of the 2009 Conditions for Accreditation - National Architectural Accrediting Board, Inc.)

NCARB (National Council of Architectural Accrediting Boards) and NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board), work in consultation to set forth the NAAB Criteria for Comprehensive Design. Although NCARB does not lead accrediting visits, nor do they actually craft conditions for accreditation, they do work closely with NAAB to establish performance criteria which NAAB, in turn, publishes as Conditions for Accreditation.

The NCARB Comprehensive Design expectations are concise and NCARB and NAAB seek evidence in the Team Room that the candidate school has addressed each area of the ARE 4.0 (Architect Registration Exam). The seven (7) exam areas are:

1. Programming, Planning and Practice
2. Site Planning & Design
3. Building Design & Construction Systems
4. Schematic Design
5. Structural Systems
6. Building Systems
7. Construction Documents & Services

NAAB crafts the wording of the Conditions for Accreditation and their performance expectations.

NAAB selects eleven (11) criteria from their 31 total criteria and specifically designates those redundant eleven (11) criteria as Comprehensive Design. All criteria in this category bear the burden of “Ability.” In a sentence, NAAB defines Comprehensive Design as “the ability to produce a comprehensive architectural project that demonstrates each student’s capacity to make design decisions across scales while integrating the following SPC (Student Performance Criteria).”

NAAB SPC (Student Performance Criteria)

A.2. Design Thinking Skills

A.4. Technical Documentation

A.5. Investigative Skills

A.8. Ordering Systems

A.9. Historical Traditions and Global Culture

B.2. Accessibility

B.3. Sustainability

B.4. Site Design

B.5. Life Safety

B.8. Environmental Systems

B.9. Structural Systems

Obviously, NAAB is the institution to whom SPSU must respond with primacy, but the influence of NCARB upon NAAB in the SPC is enlightening. The 4th Year Comprehensive Design Studio can, and should, go beyond the NAAB Criteria, but it is critical that the students of the Comprehensive Design Studios produce a clear, concise, and easily readable presentation of evidence to address the NAAB criteria.

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