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IDP - Intern Development Program

IDP Overview

All of NCARB’s 54 U.S. jurisdictions have an experience requirement that must be documented and completed before one becomes licensed. This time between fulfilling the education requirement and getting licensed is referred to as an architectural internship. NCARB’s Intern Development Program (IDP) guides interns through this process and is the standard accepted means of completing the experience requirement in almost all U.S. jurisdictions. Download the IDP Guidelines for complete program rules and requirements.


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Contacts at the SPSU Architecture Department IDP Committee
(for current SPSU students)

IDP Educator Coordinator
Professor Chris Welty

IDP Committee

1.Professor Richard Cole, Chair

2.Professor Bob Tango

3.Professor Ed Akins


  1. IDP Guidelines
  2. Supervisors and Mentors
  3. State IDP Coordinators

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