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Thesis: Process / Steps to Completion


Thesis Prep- Students entering Thesis Prep must successfully pass the Architecture Culture sequence, and fulfilled all requirements to co-register for ARCH 4014.

Thesis Research- Students entering Thesis Research must successfully pass Thesis Prep and submit an approved Thesis Proposal in the Thesis Bazaar. Students must also have successfully completed ARCH 4014 maintaining a C average in the studio sequence.

Thesis Studio- Students registering for Thesis Studio must have an approved Theorem signed off by all Thesis Committee members members (Certificate of Theorem Approval) and a C grade or bettering in ARCH 4014.

Note- A student who does not successfully complete the Thesis in two years will have exhausted the statute of limitations and will have to start the process from the beginning with Thesis Prep.

Components of the Thesis

The Thesis is composed of four interrelated components, each with different intentions and goals that collectively contribute to the overall Thesis.

  • Thesis Prep- Spring Semester 4th year Link to Thesis Prep Page

A mix of different modes of research and creative interpretation, this course takes the student on a process of discovery with the intention of getting the student to learn and think independently and critically. Its goal is to develop an understanding that research is a mode of inquiry that implies not only the gathering of factual information, but also the explanation and interpretation of the implicit and explicit values, conventions and assumptions embedded in the built environment. Thesis Prep guides the student through a process of self-discovery, as a basis for understanding one's positions on contemporary socio-cultural issues. This process of discovery leads to the formulation of a Thesis Proposal that outlines the area of study, problem or project the student imagines pursuing as a Thesis project. It is understood that throughout the course of the Thesis the Thesis Proposal is a provisional document likely to evolve and change; within the context of this course, the Statement should not be understood as a definitive, binding concordance so much as a provisional work in progress.

  • Thesis Research- Fall Semester 5th year Link to Thesis Research Page

Thesis Research involves the construction of a critical context in which the Thesis Proposal is investigated by the student. Its goal is a well-researched, clearly articulated written and illustrated examination of the topic presented in the Thesis Proposal that is intended to develop the student's individual architectural voice. The Thesis Research culminates in Theorem that serves as the intellectual grounding of the work to be undertaken in the Thesis Studio the following semester.

  • Thesis Studio- Spring Semester 5th year Link to Thesis Studio Page

The goal of the Thesis Studio is a demonstration of the Student's ability to apply critical thinking and design research skills to the development of a design solution that moves through conceptual, schematic, development and technical stages of an architectural application of the proposal. This architectural application may take the form of a building, urban or site response, detail, artifact or installation or other, and it is specified on the agreement of the Thesis Adviser and Student.

  • Final Thesis Submittal