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Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

The Architecture Program at SPSU continually strives to foster a broad spectrum of design exposure. Local, National and International Design Collaborations are in place to activate intellectual forums for our SPSU architecture faculty and students for exchanging design ideas, research and applications with faculty and students in Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

Students are strongly encouraged to be part of the global community. The Architecture Program at SPSU makes every effort to provide students opportunities to participate in national and international exchange programs for broadening their design exposure and understanding of other cultural approaches that help shape their uniquely built environment:

Dessau School at Anhalt University
Anhalt University of Applied Science, Dessau, Germany
The Dessau Summer School of Architecture exists as a part of an exchange program offered between Anhalt University of Applied Science and its partners abroad. Every summer, SPSU sends architecture students to Dessau, home of the world famous Bauhaus, to participate in this opportunity abroad. The program emphasizes the exceptional role that Dessau and the surrounding regions play in modern architecture. Students explore Modernism by participating in supervised design and drawing studios where they discover their own interpretations of Modernism through individual and collaborative projects. Students travel to Germany for 6-8 weeks for courses in architecture and German culture. Studying abroad is a unique and often once in a lifetime opportunity for students to widen their cultural perspective before entering into a professional practice. If you are interested in a study abroad program, contact the front office for information regarding the next available trip.

Milan Polytechnic University, Milan, Italy

North China University of Technology