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AIA/AFF Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship

The AIA/AAF Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship provides assistance to high school graduates, college freshmen, and community college students from a minority and/or financially disadvantaged background who intend to pursue a NAAB-accredited professional degree (5-year BA or BA + MA) in architecture.


Applicants must be legal residents of the United States and either:

  • High school seniors entering a NAAB accredited professional program in architecture
  • College freshmen attending a NAAB accredited professional program in architecture
  • Technical school or community college students that have completed high school or its equivalent and intend to transfer to a NAAB accredited professional program

Application Requirements

To be announced on January 2013 and the scholarship application will be available by then.

Note: for 2012 program > the deadline was April 15, 2012.

FYI -- The 2012 application required a letter of recommendation from a high school guidance counselor, architect, or other individual who is aware of the student's interest and aptitude for architecture, and an application prepared by the student, including:

  • an essay
  • statement of disadvantaged circumstances
  • letters of recommendations
  • transcripts
  • a drawing

Due Date


Award Amount

Note: Up to five scholarships between $3,000-$4,000 were awarded in 2012.

Scholarships may be renewed every year until the completion of the degree program.

Contact person

For further information:

•Contact Jamie Yeung at The American Institute of Architects:    or


•Visit the AIA/AAF Minority Disadvantaged Scholarship application and eligibility requirements:

Please contact Prof. Zamani for further details at