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Alumni Board Strategic Plan


Through our strategic efforts, the Alumni Association will create an Alumni Experience that adds value to the lives of SPSU alumni. Achieving excellence in the eyes of alumni is about meeting high expectations and making constant, focused improvements. It is about listening and helping to bring valuable experiences, networking, and career development that connect our alumni to SPSU and makes their lives better.


In fiscal year 2010-2011, the Alumni Board Strategic Plan Committee recommended a long term strategy to achieve the ultimate Alumni Experience. Through research, discussions, and deliberations the committee recommended a strategic plan for the Alumni Association Board that consists of six major goals that will impact the overall experience of SPSU alumni. Each major initiative also includes an action registry that will track progress during the year.

The goals of the Alumni Board Strategic Plan are:

GOAL 1 – ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT: Build and strengthen the allegiance among SPSU, alumni, and the community.

GOAL 2 – CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Support and enhance the professional success of SPSU alumni.

GOAL 3 – STUDENT OUTREACH: Achieve a broader and deeper integration of alumni into the life of the University.

GOAL 4 – BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Optimize the current board structure to enhance the overall effectiveness and impact of the Board.

GOAL 5 – ALUMNI ASSOCIATION VISIBILITY: Passionately preserve and promote the reputation of SPSU and its Alumni Association.

GOAL 6 - FUNDRAISING: Increase the resources available to support the University’s capital campaign.