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School of Engineering

Jessica Williamson
317 Engineering Technology Center (Building Q)

 Professional Advisor Role

Academic advising is an essential part of your college journey. As a student in the School of Engineering, you will have access to advising assistance both from me, the professional advisor and a faculty advisor from your declared major.

My primary role as the professional advisor is to provide guidance and academic assistance to current School of Engineering students at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) as well as those who show an interest in becoming a future student of SPSU. I look forward to assisting you in
achieving your goals by providing the resources for a successful college experience.

Some other important duties that I am responsible for are as follows:

  • Developing an educational plan for your major program
  • Clarifying the core curriculum
  • Reviewing transfer credits and transcripts
  • Assisting with registration and course scheduling
  • Helping with the Add/drop and withdrawal process
  • Staying up to date with major degree requirements
  • Evaluating progress towards your major program
  • Explaining the change of major process
  • Responding to students with issues related to probation, dismissal/suspension
  • Making referrals to other university resources
  • Completing academic related forms and petitions

Faculty Advisor Role

Your faculty advisor will provide you with academic advising, career assistance and mentoring. All School of Engineering students are assigned to a faculty advisor. Some departments have requirements for meeting with your faculty advisor. Please visit your specific department’s website to
view their advising requirements and their faculty assignment list.

All School of Engineering students are required to complete an educational plan in Degree Works during their first two semesters at SPSU. You can utilize the assistance of your professional or faculty advisor to complete this plan. Many of you will discuss this plan when you take your SPSU
1001 course. This plan must be reviewed by either your professional or faculty advisor. Please check with your major department for their policy regarding completing this plan. Upperclassmen should find it more beneficial to develop their educational plan with their faculty advisor.


What degrees are Advised under the Engineering:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Systems Engineering