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School of Arts and Sciences

Martina McWilliams

Phone: 678-915-3727
329 Building J

General Studies (GS) – undeclared students

General Studies students are those who are currently undecided about a major. My role as a professional advisor is to facilitate discussion and exploration of potential majors, assist with course registration options, be knowledgeable of the USG Core, explain university policies and procedures, review academic plans, make referrals to appropriate campus departments, and assist GS students facing academic difficulty.

The point of General Studies advising is to assist you with the transition to a declared major in any discipline available at SPSU based on your interests, strengths, and aptitude.

Please recognize that this effort is not exclusively a partnership between advisor and student but collaboratively extends across departments and campus services.

Declared majors in the School of Arts and Sciences (A&S)

If you have declared your undergraduate major as one within the School of Arts and Sciences (please see list below), you must first see your assigned faculty advisor for registration and course options, etc. In addition to Career Services, your faculty advisor can assist you with career related questions. If you are unsure whether to remain in that A&S discipline, please feel free to meet with me.

I am a supplemental resource to you in addition to your assigned A&S faculty advisor. I can help you with questions regarding general university policies and academic regulations not department-specific questions. Thus, if you have a general question and your faculty advisor is unavailable, you can ask me. Types of general questions are how do I change my major, what are the maximum number of credit hours I can take in a particular semester, etc.

Declared Majors in other Schools

If you are a declared major in another discipline outside of A&S, you will need to be advised by your assigned advisor.

However, if you are unsure or undecided if that path is right for you, I will gladly meet with you to discuss your concerns. Be aware that I may need to refer you to another departmental or school advisor as you explore your degree options.


What degrees are advised under Arts and Sciences

  • Biology ( Secondary Teacher Certification in Biology)
  • Chemistry (Secondary Teacher Certification in Chemistry)
  • English and Professional Communication
  • General Studies/undeclared (not a degree)
  • International Studies
  • Mathematics (BA, BS, Secondary Teacher Certification in Mathematics)
  • Media Arts
  • Physics (BA, BS, Secondary Teacher Certification in Physics)
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Technical Communications