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DANTES Subject Standardized Tests

Students can receive credit for completion of a DANTES exam with a minimum score as recommended in the ACE guide in most cases.
DANTES exams already approved appear below. Before you take a DANTES exam that is not on this list, be sure the academic department
that sponsors the course has approved the exam for credit. For more information, or to find a testing site near you, visit the DSST website.

Courses that have been approved include:

Exam Minimum Grade for Credit Course Credit Hours
Intro to Computing 45 CS 1002 2
Principles of Public Speaking 47 COMM 2400 2
College Algebra 47 MATH 1111 3
Management Information Systems 46 MGNT 3205 3
Principles of Statistics 48 IET 2227 or MATH 2260 3
Human/Cultural Geography 48 GEOG 1101 3
General Anthropology 47 ANTH 1102 3
Intro to World Religions 48 RELG 1101 3
Environment and Humanity 48 STS 2400 2
Intro to the Modern Middle East 48 Area E, Group 4 3
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