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SPSU's academic programs are organized into five schools:

The School of Architecture and Construction Management

  • Department of Architecture
    • B.Arch. in Architecture
    • M.S. in Architecture
  • Department of Construction Management
    • B.S. in Construction Management
    • M.S. in Construction Management


The School of Computing and Software Engineering

  • Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
    • B.S. in Computer Game Design and Development
    • B.A. in Computer Science
    • B.S. in Computer Science
    • M.S. in Computer Science
    • B.S. in Software Engineering
    • M.S. in Software Engineering
  • Department of Information Technology
    • B.A.S. in Information Technology
    • B.S. in Information Technology
    • M.S. in Information Technology


The School of Engineering Technology and Management

  • Department of Business Administration
    • B.S. in Accounting
    • M.S. in Accounting
    • B.A. in Business Administration
    • B.A.S. in Management
    • B.S. in Business Administration
    • M.B.A. in Business Administration
  • Department of Civil Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Environmental Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Surveying and Mapping
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Computer Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology
    • M.S. in Engineering Technology--Electrical
    • B.S. in Telecommunications Engineering Technology
  • Department of Industrial Engineering Technology
    • B.A.T. in Apparel Textile Technology (Fashion Design & Product Development)
    • B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology
    • B.A.S. in Manufacturing Operations
    • M.S. in Quality Assurance
    • B.A.S. in Supply Chain Logistics
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology


The School of Arts and Sciences

  • Department of Biology and Chemistry
    • B.S. in Biology
    • B.S. in Biology with Teacher Certification
    • B.S. in Chemistry
    • B.S. in Chemistry with Teacher Certification
    • B.S. in Environmental Science
  • Department of English, Technical Communication and Media Arts
    • B.A. in English and Professional Communication
    • M.S. in Information Design and Communication
    • M.S. in Information & Instructional Design
    • B.A. in Media Arts
    • B.S. in Technical Communication
  • Department of Mathematics
    • B.A. in Mathematics with Teacher Certification
    • B.S. in Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
    • B.A. in Physics
    • B.S. in Physics
    • B.S. in Physics with Teacher Certification
  • Department of Social and International Studies
    • B.S. in International Studies
    • B.S. in Political Science
    • B.S. in Psychology


The School of Engineering

  • Department of Civil and Construction Engineering
    • B.S. in Civil Engineering
    • M.S. in Civil Engineering
    • B.S. in Construction Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering
    • B.S. in Electrical Engineering
    • B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering
  • Department of Systems and Mechanical Engineering
    • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
    • B.S. in Systems Engineering



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