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Majors, Minors, Certificates

Accounting (major and minor; graduate major)
Aerospace Engineering (Minor)
Apparel Textile Technology (Fashion Design & Product Development) (major & minor, certificate)
Architecture (major and minor; graduate major)
Biology (major and minor)
Biology Education (major)
Business Administration (major and minor; graduate major)
Chemistry (major and minor)
Chemistry Education (major)
Civil Engineering (major; graduate major)
Civil Engineering Technology (major)
Communications Management (Advanced Graduate Certificate)
Computer Engineering Technology (major)
Computer Game Design and Development (major and minor)
Computer Science (B.S. & B.A., major and minor; graduate major)
Computer Science Graduate Transition Certificate
Construction Engineering (major)
Construction Management (major and minor; graduate major)
Construction Project Management Certificate
Content Strategy (Advanced Graduate Certificate)
Education (see Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics Education)
Electrical Engineering (major)
Electrical Engineering Technology (major)
Engineering Design Graphics (minor)
Engineering Technology--Electrical (graduate major)
English & Professional Communication (major)
Entrepreneurship (minor)
Environmental Engineering Technology (major)
Environmental Science (major and minor)
Fashion Design & Product Development (major in Apparel and Textile)
Finance (minor)
Geographical Information Systems Certificate
Global Communication (minor)
Health Information Technology Graduate Certificate
Information Technology Fundamentals Graduate Certificate
Information Technology Graduate Certificate
Information Technology, Master of Science
Industrial Engineering Technology (major and minor)
Highway Project Management Certificate
History (minor)
Information & Instructional Design (graduate major)
Information Design & Communication (graduate major)
Information Technology (major, minor; graduate major)
Information & Instructional Design (Master of Science)
Information Security & Assurance Graduate Certificate
Instructional Design (Advanced Graduate Certificate)
International Business (minor)
International Studies (major and minor)
Land Development Certificate
Land Surveying Certificate
Latin American Studies (minor)
Leadership & Organizational Communication (minor)
Logistics (major, minor, certificate)
Management (minor)
Management Information Systems (minor)
Management of Operations & Technology (minor)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (minor)
Manufacturing Operations (major)
Marketing (minor)
Mathematics (major, minor)
Mathematics Education (major)
Mechanical Engineering (major)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (major)
Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics) (major)
New Media Arts (major)
Nuclear Engineering (minor)
Physics (major and minor)
Physics, Education Concentration
Physics, Electrical Engineering Concentration
Physics, Mechanical Engineering Concentration
Political Science (major and minor)
Pre-Law (minor)
Production Design Certificate
Professional Writing (minor)
Psychology (major and minor)
Public Policy (minor)
Quality Assurance (graduate major)
Quality Assurance - Green Belt Graduate Certificate
Quality Principles (minor and certificate)
Software Engineering (major and minor; graduate major)
Software Engineering Graduate Certificate
Spanish (minor and certificate)
Structural Engineering Technology (pending BoR approval)
Supply Chain Logistics (major)
Surveying and Mapping (major)
Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate
Systems Engineering (major; graduate major)
Teacher Education (see Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics Education)
Technical Communication, Graduate Certificate
Technical Communication (major, minor & Advanced Graduate Certificate)
Telecommunications Engineering Technology (major)
Undecided/General Studies (major--associate degree)
User Experience (Advanced Graduate Certificate)
Visual Communication (Advanced Graduate Certificate)